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Shape-changing Interior for Shared Autonomous Vehicles

A future vision of a shape-changing interior for shared autonomous vehicles was created. This vision contributes to a more environmentally friendly car industry. The goal of this vision is to make ride sharing more attractive to commuters, to reduce the number of cars used, to reduce car emissions.

The car industry is facing a sustainability challenge. Car emissions largely contribute to air pollution, as seen in the current ‘stikstofcrisis’ in the Netherlands. Research suggests that shared mobility has a positive influence on the environment. However, several user barriers for sharing a car with strangers were found. Industry examples of shared transportation, however, did not seem to answer to all these barriers. Thus, in this project, commuters themselves were involved in learning what feature shared autonomous vehicles need to make them attractive. The designed vision proposes a co-creative shape-changing car interior. It provides the passengers with the opportunity to adapt specific standardized shapes, and thus improves their comfort and the social situation. Furthermore, specific interactions were preferred and appeared to have a significant influence on the attractiveness of the concept.

A project by: Alynne de Haan, Berbelijn Lustenhouwer, Rosalie Oomen, Yiyue Qiu