Smart Mobility Design Squad

We are the Smart Mobility Design Squad of the faculty of Industrial Design of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Mobility is an essential part of our life, and therefore a very relevant societal context for both Industrial Design and the whole TU/e. The “Smart mobility” strategic area aims to tackle major mobility challenges through applying novel technologies, such as sensing, big, data, internet of things, ubiquitous computing and so forth. Our students and educational staff are working on autonomous driving, fuel-efficiency, change from ownership to use and connectivity for mobility.



Our world is facing a large societal challenges coming from the growing demand for mobility and its impact on our environment. The traffic network in Europe, and also outside Europe,  is reaching its limits. A small disruption can easily lead to large traffic jams. Our transportation means  have very bad effect on our environment and global warming because of high emission values. Furthermore, globally we have 1.2 million deadly accidents each year. These phenomena all contribute to a decrease in freedom and enjoyment of driving, are dangerous for our health and are very costly for our society.


retrieved from: https://www.tue.nl/onderzoek/strategic-area-smart-mobility/over-smart-mobility/



Strategic area TU/e

The TU/e sees technology as an important solution for minimizing the negative effects of mobility. Traditionally, the TU/e has expertise in the areas of vehicle technology, logistics, planning systems and ICT/embedded systems. This expertise is necessary to play a meaningful role in the transition to smarter and more sustainable mobility. For this reason, Smart Mobility is one of the three strategic areas of the university.


Industrial Design

The department of Industrial Design is a faculty that combines technology and creativity. We create intelligent systems, products and related services in a societal context. We work on technological solutions for mobility and other subjects but have a high focus on the human user.



In our design squad, we work on seven challenges:

– Multimodal in-vehicle Interaction to enhance the experience and comfort
– Shared control for autonomous vehicles
– Interaction between vehicles and their users and the environment
– (Multimodal) Mobility services
– People and objects as sensors (Internet of Things/Big Data)
– Behavioural change/persuasive technology
– Interactive material applications in car (interior) design

Each semester, a few more concrete topics are selected for defining project briefs.